General Interest: Monday, 01 Dec 2008

Fast Food Linked to Alzheimer's?

Batman Killed by His Own Father

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Privasee said...

Okay so two things: Fast food should be linked to all sorts of things.

We've been eating normal food for many thousands of years. Then all of sudden we start manufacturing all of this fake crap... and we're only now starting to think we could link some of these things to the rampant, crazy health problems we have?

And no... I don't think I'm being a hypocrite because I admit the error of my dietary ways - I just enjoy swimming in transfats, grease, and other unhealthy, wonderful, man made crude.

AND what the crap is with Batman? This is not Superman. You don't kill the best superhero of all time off, and just replace him with some random dude off the street or who has appeared in the series for a few years.

You just can't do that. Bruce Wayne is batman. he's had the history, training, familiar background to create motive and weaknesses... and you can't replace it with some gay sidekick.