Politics: Wednesday, 04 Feb 2009

Obama Opens Up Government Transparency
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Major Renovations to WhiteHouse.gov
But is This Transparent?
Obama Openness Tested

Obama Arrogant?
Obama Tackles Most Important Issue in the Nation - Equal Pay
Obama's First Major Failure
Obama Promise Tracker
Obama's First TV Interview With Arab Station
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Google to Get Payback for Obama Support?
Obama Irritated by Real Questions
Obama Lifts Aborting Funding Restrictions
Obama Tells GOP "I Won"
What Obama Told Republicans
Obama Instructs GOP to Quit Listening to Limbaugh if They Want to Get Along...
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Limbaugh Responds (Good Response)
GOP Member Tells Rush to Back Off
Member Response to Erroneous Media Report
Dems Use Office to Quiet Private Citizen
Lib Group Targets Limbaugh

After Ripping Cheney for Expanded VP Role, Biden Takes Activist Role

McCain Causing Problems for Republicans (Shouldn't He Be Causing Problems for Liberals?)
GOP Forces Delays in Cabinet Confirmations

Pelosi Says Birth Control Earmarks Will Help Economy
Pelosi Claims She's Nonpartisan
Pelosi Says 500 Million Lose Jobs Every Month...(There's Only 300 Million Total in the US)

No Guarantee of Jobs with Bailout
First Government Turnover Forced by Credit Crunch
Why Tax Cuts Always Work
$335 Million in Stimulus Bill for STD Prevention - I'm Glad Private CEOs Can't Waste Money But Elected Politicians Can
The Obama/Limbaugh Stimulus Plan

Budget Problems in Utah Courts Causing Severe Shortages
Tax Refunds on Hold in CA
Mandate Could Force Gas Stations Out of Business
Gov't Cracks Down on Icy Cars

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