Politics/Government: Wednesday, 06 May 2009

Grade Your Politicians

Obama Tells Teleprompter to Move Up
Obama: "I Have a Gift"
'Obama Discrediting Himself and the US'

Obama Administration Threatened to Destroy Investment Firm's Reputation?
Obama uses WH press corps as threat against Chrysler investors
Allegations of Administration Threats Corroborated
White House Denies Claims of Threat to Chrysler Creditor
Exposing Thuggery
Hedge Fund Leader Blasts Obama for "Bullying" and "Abuse of Power"

Benedict Specter? Or Just Showing True Colors?
Top Dems rebel on Specter
Specter hints Kemp died of GOP agenda
Specter Defection Could Help Republicans Block Supreme Nominee
2nd Link
Specter Gets No Special Treatment for Defection

Ahmadinejad Campaigns on "Yes We Can"...

Is This Really the Future of the GOP? "Time to leave Reagan behind"
Time to leave Reagan behind

It Would Be Funnier if it Weren't True

Flu Could be Excuse for Even More Intrusive Government

Oklahoma Passes Resolution Affirming Sovereignty

A Liberal "Republican" Gives Advice to Conservatives...


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Anonymous said...

Teleprompter FAIL.

Anonymous said...

You know what Tax Loophole I'd like closed?

The one that lets every low and middle class american with 4 kids pay virtually no tax, and in fact collection major sums.

That's a tax loophole I'd like to see go. There is NOTHING wrong with paying taxes. Everyone should do it.